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Vera Krijn is a client-centered practitioner with over 16 years practical proficiency in fertility, pre-natal and postpartum related issues. With insight and wisdom she has helped couples overcome various challenges for them to conceive naturally, and helps to prepare couples for a rewarding birth experience and healthy baby.

She received her education at the VU of Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. She has written for national and international publications on nutrition and is the editor of several cookbooks. Upon becoming the sole supporter of her family, she worked as medical assistant in obstetrics, while pursuing studies in reflexology. Upon her certification she studied with teachers here and abroad, and eventually started her own program and private practice. Alarmed by the seemingly quantity of reproductive problems among her clients, she studied anatomy and physiology, consulted experts, and commenced independent research. Committed to help couples with natural alternatives, she cultivated RAF™, which is now taught as a continued educational program at various institutions for health care professionals in the USA and abroad.

Vera was director (2001-2006) of the fertility program of the "Olive Leaf Wholeness Center” in New York City, and a contributing practitioner (2009-2011) of "The Rocking chair “ a women’s wellness center in Englewood, NJ. 

She was the president (1999-2003) of The New York State Reflexology Association, where she still serves in an advisory capacity. Vera was recognized by the Reflexology Association of America with "the Eunice Ingham Pioneers Award”. Her nutritional strategies have been included in the Dutch magazine for Orthomolecular Nutrition and Health “Fit met Voeding”.

Vera is also a certified "Healthy Foot Practitioner “through the Restorative Exercise Institute, a science-based education facility that teaches biomechanics of the foot relating to the body. HFT is a Multi sensory method to help posture and alignment that affect the internal organs and muscular/skeletal problems. 


Vera Krijn ARCB, RAF, HFP                                                                                                      Remedial Reflexology, Nutrition, Restorative Health                                                                   

Office: 212.420.1288                                                                                                                       Email: verakrijn@gmail.com

Serving NY Metropolitan Area & Northern NJ 

Vera is available for:                                                       

Lectures                                                                   Classes                                                                                                              Bridal-and Baby-showers


I recommend Vera without hesitation. Her calming touch is accompanied by an incredible wisdom of the human body and its relationship with the human emotions. She works with 100% positive intention, is completely present, and is the consummate professional.                Dr. G.M, Village OB/GYN

As a labor support doula, I work with many pregnant women and their partners, each of whom has a unique story about how easy or difficult it was to conceive. I first heard about Vera Krijn from a client of mine who had worked with Vera while trying to conceive as well as during her pregnancy and in preparation for her child’s birth.  My client’s stories about Vera were rich with feeling and a sincere belief that Vera’s skilled touch and wisdom had helped her toward a purely positive experience at every turn.  While I had never had any personal experience with Reflexology, I was compelled by my client’s tales to call Vera myself – both for the stress reduction benefits as well as the fertility benefits (I had suffered two miscarriages in twelve months).

Unlike most care providers I had dealt with (namely primary care physicians and obstetricians), Vera’s approach was personal and attentive; she seemed genuinely interested in my story and my history. I did and began seeing Vera on a weekly basis, and conceived again within two months .I am currently eight weeks into what appears to be a healthy pregnancy.

I have also recommended Vera to other clients of mine, one in particular, who at two weeks postdate with her second baby was facing a medical induction. She phoned me after her Reflexology session with Vera and used only superlatives when describing her experience. In fact, two days later she had a swift and natural labor and delivery. J.K.

It was only yesterday when I woke up feeling weak and depressed. Today I feel incredible!! I have no symptoms at all. I'm so amazed. GRACIAS, GRACIAS A.P

After a miscarriage last year, I am now 6 months pregnant at age 40, and the sessions have been a source of great support. Your knowledge, warmth, and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated, and I look forward to our continued work together through this pregnancy and beyond. Thank you very much for the work you have been doing for me. D.C.

I wanted to let you know that I got a positive blood result from NYU! To be honest it is still sinking in. I cant thank you enough for always putting my mind and body at ease and for making yourself available when I needed you. I am incredibly grateful and so excited to be another one of your success stories. You came highly recommended and you lived up to your reputation. I will certainly keep you posted. Thank you so much for everything!                            Sincerely, J.A

I hope you are well. I think of you often and it is all beginning to sink in, I am 21 weeks today--Yay!--and We also found out we will be having a little girl and are really excited. Please take care and thank you again for everything. I believe you were the missing piece of the puzzle!! Love, E.L

Just wanted to let you know that I got very good news on Friday, I am really pregnant. Thank you so much for all your help!!! Best, E.K

Great news- baby is vertex!  In perfect face-down position. Thanks, your help was a godsend. M.H.

Wow!!! I can't believe it. You truly have a gift!! They just called me with the good news! My first result was very high!! Thanks again for everything!! See u Monday. I.D

She is here! Labor was 2 hrs, natural and a piece of cake .Giant thank you to you and we will talk soon. A.L

Just wanted to let you know I had a little boy. I only pushed for 8 minutes and the doctor believes it was a result of the reflexology sessions! So thank you! Sincerely,J.P

Our baby boy, Calder, was born Sunday, March 16th, just a few days after our last appointmentC.R


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